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Dear former orchestra & band members,

if you are a former member of the orchestra or band (under Mr Knott's direction), please sign-up to the website. This way, you can be kept informed of all things related to the orchestra, or news and events related to former members of the orchestra. You'll also have the possibility to share contact details with others.

When signing up to the website, your identity will first be checked before giving you access to this website, so the access won't be immediate. You'll need to check your mailbox for an activation link sent to you by e-mail, which gives you access to your profile page that you'll first need to complete and save (password, etc). This will enable you to access the rest of the website and log in straight away in the future.

Please forward this website's link to any former members you know how to contact. We'd like to build up a database of former member's contact details to keep everyone informed of any possible orchestra related events in the future.

Don't forget to update your contact details on your profile page if they change in the future.

If you wish to contact us, here's our e-mail address:

Thank you!

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